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Splat Attack


Low-velocity paintball


So you’re sick and tired of the water guns?

Wanting something with a little more umf? But not ready for the pain in paintball?

Splat attack is what you need!

Splat attack is paintball with low-velocity guns which fire rounds that simply splat on impact and do not cause pain.

Splat attack is played in the same 25’000 square foot arena as our paintball and is equally as challenging and fun. It’s great for youngsters and groups that aren’t too interested in getting bruised.

Be sure to bring you’re A-Game in order to get your team the win in our various game modes such as “Hacked”, “Protect the President” and many others. Whether you’re coming to a session of splat attack alone or with a group of friends we promise you will have a cracking experience and a blast of fun and excitement not to mention make loads of new friends. Safety is our number one priority at The Mill and we will ensure all participants are provided with the necessary gear for protection and are well briefed in our pre-game safety talks. All players must also abide by the site rules so that everyone can enjoy themselves equally and go home happy and without any injuries.


  • 1 Hour session with Unlimited Ammo: £15.00
  • 2 Hour Session with Unlimited Ammo :  £20.00