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Are You Looking For The Thrill, Minus The Pain ?

This paintballing is great for kids, with low velocity paintballing guns, they Splat on the back rather than fire at speed. 

The Splat Attack paintball with low-velocity guns are great for adventurous kids and adults alike – sure to tire you out and get your adrenalin going no matter who you are.

Fun Kids paintballing  

Splat attack is the same 25’000 square foot used for our other paintballing, packed with just as many adventures and fun.

With themed games modes, combat clothes, safety gear and ammo included, Splat is the perfect place to host your event or come for a bit of a different weekend.

FAQ: Do you have to come in a group?

You absolutely do not, we have plenty of people coming along solo, friends, couple, families and birthday parties from all over Northern Ireland. If you come solo you are sure to make friends. We are happy to answer any questions you might have, so come and join is for a thrill seeking adventure.

Kids paintball in Northern Ireland

*Safety is our number one priority at The Mill and we will ensure all participants are provided with the necessary gear for protection and are well briefed in our pre-game safety talks. All players must also abide by the site rules so that everyone can enjoy themselves equally and go home happy and without any injuries.*


  • 1 Hour session with Unlimited Ammo: £15.00
  • 2 Hour Session with Unlimited Ammo :  £20.00